Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Epworth Hall Committee Looks to the Future
with Improvements and Growth in Mind

The Committee took on such topics as the heat-damaged roof which is now in need of replacement. Bill and Craig are willing to handle this one. There will be continuing efforts to ventilate Epworth Hall and the new, light-blocking shades will have white exteriors which will cause the sun's rays to be reflected away from the interior of Epworth. All shades will be easily adjustable to be closed on the West side for Thursday evening and other evening events, and open on the West side for Sunday morning worship service. The East Side shades will also be easily adjustable for blocking sun from the eyes and faces of the worship leaders and guest speakers. These adjustable shades will enhance the lighting effects of the new lighting system and produce a more professional appearance, along with a higher level of comfort.

The Committee continues to look for ways to improve the appearance of the newly-exposed B-Board on the back stage wall. The B-Board had been damaged by paint in previous years, and it is hoped that the residue of the damage can be further treated to improve the character of the wood. It was also proposed that more lighting be made available for the back parking area (Janes Ave. side) for safety sake. This is to be installed on the outside back wall of Epworth. A fresh coat of paint is planned for the interior of Epworth which would include the old, adjustable interior doors with glass panes.

Some long-range planning included the (1) replacement of the current asbestos tile floor in Epworth with a preference for returning to the original floor being one of the options; (2) erection of a "bell tower" or "stand" on which the large Epworth Bell could be on display. In order to increase our seating capacity by making use of the balcony, it was suggested we research at least one third floor fire escape. We will be in consultation with the fire marshall on just what would be required. Brief reflections were given on the fire escapes used on the old Epworth Inn and the old Methodist Manor. The Committee also endorsed its on-going policy of "stage mobility" which allows for individual events and services to maximize their use of the stage and stage decoration for the express purpose of their event or service (such as worship service, concert, drama/play, dance, SLE, or quilt tea). 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Worship Committee has First Meeting
for the 2016 Season; Discusses Bringing
Prominent Religious Speaker to SLI

Members of the SLI Worship Committee gathered around a table following the Service today (Sunday, August 23, 2015), for a brief meeting to discuss splitting up the workload of the Chaplain with a separate Committee Chairperson, enlarging the committee for effectiveness, and making a more concerted effort to attract noted theological speakers to our Institute as had been done in the past. Another subject area briefly discussed was the very low comfort level of the current Institute chairs and the need for replacing them. Also needed is an adequate Public Address system with a concealed installation for exclusive use on the Epworth Stage. Continuing on our wish list is a portable keyboard for use outdoors and specifically for Dock services.

"While we are proud of our efforts in lowering our budget allotment in the past six years, we are looking to bigger and better possibilities for enhancing the spiritual life of our community," said current Chaplain, Greg Franklin. "We hope there will always be reasonable funds available to fly in a noted speaker for a day or even a weekend, depending on our program emphasis for a particular year," concluded Chaplain Greg. In the late 1880s, the Silver Lake Assembly regularly brought in theologians from Chicago--a well known area for the latest in theological and spiritual discourse because of the 12 large seminaries located there then and now. The train brought them directly from Chicago right to our doorstep at the Silver Lake Assembly train station.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Great fun this Saturday at Silver Lake!

Laurinda Wallace
You don't have to have read any of Laurinda's books to appreciate her talk about the process for writing the Gracie Andersen mysteries (all set in Wyoming County, even though the author now lives in Arizona).  And it's FREE, thanks to a NYS Poets & Writers grant.

Grab a friend or two and spend just the hour from 10:00-11:00 AM at Stoody Hall on the grounds of the Silver Lake Institute!  Or make a day of it by going to lunch at one of our area's fine dining establishments like the Glen Iris Inn, the Charcoal Corral, the Lumber Yard, John & Sarah's, or the Hole in the Wall.

Oh -- and Laurinda will have a limited number of her books for sale during her appearance at a special promo price of $10 each, which you can get autographed.

Hope to see you there!

Loren Penman

Lake Quality Warning

Sent: Saturday, August 15, 2015 12:05 PM
Subject: Blue Green Algae - Silver Lake _ 08-15-2015

Good Afternoon –

Near shore samples were recently taken from Silver Grove and
Luther/Wheaton tracts and the lab results indicate that both samples
were consistent with a blue green algae (BGA) bloom.

  Toxin results will be forwarded upon receipt, but even if the toxin
levels are low, the same advisory information applies - lake residents,
visitors and pets should avoid exposure to any surface scums or heavily
discolored water, should seek medical assistance as needed if any
exposure symptoms are experienced, and should report these symptoms to
their local health department and to harmfulalgae@health.ny.gov.

As always, please consult the DEC
(http://www.dec.ny.gov/chemical/77118.html) and DOH
web sites for additional information on what to do if you see or
encounter blooms. The Silver Lake Association
(http://silverlakeassociation-wny.org/) web site will also have updates.

I will report back to you when I have more information.

Again, blue green algae blooms have been confirmed at two adjacent
locations within the lake; one should assume that bloom conditions exist
at other locations in the lake.

This situation will eventually dissipate as conditions for bloom growth


Frank Bright
Co-Chair, SLA Water Quality Committee

Regular SLI Season Continues with 3 More: Concerts, Hoag Art Shows, Worship Services, and
2 More Saturday Evening Coffee Houses

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Silver Lake Experience Officially Closed Today
Surpassing its Goal of 150 Registrations Hitting 179

The 10:30 a.m. Worship Served as the Closing Service of the Event followed byFellowship with a Wide Range of Pastries, Fruits, Cheeses, and Crackers.

Silver Lake Experience
Heads into the Last Full Day of Activity
Begins with Breakfast at Stoody

  • Sarah's ice cream is only from 11-3. It is incorrect on master schedule and correct on the daily specials schedule; Sarah reported good traffic at the Dock.
  •  Breakfast at Stoody today was a hit!!!!
  • Bird watchers group saw the bald eagle!!!!! They had 9 in their group. !!!!
  • Bobs history group is having a blast !!!!
  • Great reports from all sides 
  • Concerts & Stage Drama get high marks! 

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Week of 'Silver Lake Experience'
Begins with Commissioning of
Workers, Leaders, and Presenters

Sunday Morning, August 9th,
Fellow Silver Lakers Laid Hands
on those who have been preparing
for this week for the past two years

Sunday, July 26, 2015

13th Annual Institute Tournament Largest to Date;
Golf Trophies Given at Annual Luncheon Saturday

Ladies Low Gross Winner -- Paula Stratton; Men's Low Gross Winnter -- Bill Gleason

Men's Longest Drive -- Steve Rounds; Ladies Longest Drive -- Kathy Shaefer

Closest to the Pin -- Paula Stratton at Hole 12 -- 4 feet, 7 inches.

2nd of 3 Institute Asbury Pool Times
Drew at least three Families Saturday;
Last Pool Time of Season is this Saturday 1-4

The Institute and Asbury have partnered this summer to offer several Saturdays for the Institute members, and their families to enjoy the pool! July 18th, July 25th, and August 1st we will offer swimming in the afternoons from 1pm – 4pm. There is no cost for institute members. Donations will be accepted at the Asbury office. Children 16 and under, must be accompanied by an adult 21 or older, and the adult must remain in the pool area during that time. Any questions? Contact Asbury at 585-237-5262 or e-mail at info@asburyuny.org

Monday, July 20, 2015

Annual Silver Lake Memorial Service
For the Entire Lake Community
Draws Upwards of 125

The Annual Silver Lake Memorial Service was today (Sunday, July 26, 2015, 10:30 a.m.) at Epworth Hall. The Service was designed for all members and friends of the Silver Lake Community who wished to honor the memory of a loved one who was a Silver Lake neighbor. The Service was open to all-- non-denominational and ecumenical-- and welcomed everyone of every faith and those with no religious persuasion. Our purpose was to assist in closure by honoring the memory of those who were closest to us and who passed within the past 12 months (since our last Service).

There was seating enough for everyone, and everyone received a folder with the list of names to be honored. During the Service, a family member or friend came forward to light a candle and many desired to share a beloved memory or other thoughts that honored the friend or loved one. Each one who came forward to represent the named individual's family or friends received a red rose, and others stood at their seats in honor of the one being publicly named on our Memorial List.

Following the Service, old friends and acquaintances spent time together and enjoyed a vast array of baked goods, cold punch, iced tea, and even sugar-free and gluten free products. Many compliments were offered that the service was indeed special for all in attendance.

* * * * * * * * * * * 

* * * * * * * * * * * 


We will be hosting our Annual meeting at Epworth Hall on August 8th, at 9 AM this year. We will have guest speakers that will include 

Tina McQuillin, Town of Castile Assessor 
Bob Blauers (Remax Real Estate) 

State and Sheriff Patrol representatives 

informing us on the summer of Silver Lake Boating issues (if there were any). We will then have our business portion of the SLA meeting. Attendees have the option to leave after the speakers if they wish.

In Memoriam
Rosa Lee Foster

Passed a little before Noon on Saturday, July 18, 2015.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Help Being Sought for Set Support ...

Gail Nelli is looking for a few set pieces for "He and She through the Ages" to finish an authentic look for the Experience Friday night productions.  If you can lend ANY of the items below for less than a week (tech rehearsal, dress rehearsal and performance), please let me know ASAP:

  • Table desk and chair (in the style of a small "secretary") - scene date is 1773
  • Small round table (suitable for a vase of flowers) - scene date is 1895
  • 2 arm chairs (matching or complementary) - scene date 1913
  • Sideboard table or drop leaf table - scene date 1921
  • Wicker loveseat with 3 cushions
  • Matching wicker chair with cushion - scene date (for all 3) 1923
  • Wicker end table



Friday, July 17, 2015




which was followed by Guest Speaker
Cynthia Hawk, Landmark Society of WNY, 'Historic Homeowner Credit Program in NYS' 

at Stoody Hall

Thursday, July 16, 2015

From the Wyoming County Free Press .. .

The Hoag Art Gallery features European art reproductions

posted by Julia Ferrini in Wyoming CountySilver Lakearteducation.
The Hoag Memorial Art Gallery on Silver Lake, Perry, was built in 1895 as a gift from Wilber Hoag to his wife. The couple had traveled extensively abroad and collected several art reproductions, especially from Europe. Several of the couple’s acquisitions are currently displayed at the gallery.
The gallery recently hosted Inga Songbird’s tabletop sculptures and Kathy Henershott’s weaving and fiber art demos.
The gallery is open from 1 to 5 p.m. Saturdays during the summer. Upcoming events include a Potpourri Craft Show, July 18; paintings by Judy Bufano and Lois Buchinger, July 25; and Village of Wyoming artists Debbie Heale and Julia Byliss. 
For more information about upcoming events visit http://silverlakeinstitute.org.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Join the Cool Kids . . .
Wear 'Silver Lake' this Summer


Cost is $20, very nice "Jersey" type material , see Suzanne Bristow or Lisa Schiske for a purchase! We DO have the product in hand, no waiting necessary!  Anyone who sports one, will certainly be the "talk" of the town!!!  Lol....

Friday, July 10, 2015


The Institute and Asbury have partnered this summer to offer a couple of Saturdays for the Institute members, and their families to enjoy the pool! July 18th, July 25th, and August 1st we will offer swimming in the afternoons from 1pm – 4pm. There is no cost for institute members. Donations will be accepted at the Asbury office. Children 16 and under, must be accompanied by an adult 21 or older, and the adult must remain in the pool area during that time. Any questions? Contact Asbury at 585-237-5262 or e-mail at info@asburyuny.org

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

This Week at Silver Lake Institute

Wednesday..9:00-12:00 ..Piece-Makers Quilt Group at Hoag
...........7:30-9:00 ...Dessert on the Dock

Thursday...9:00-12:00...SLI Artisans Group at Hoag


Saturday...8:00-10:00...Breakfast Cafe at Stoody Hall

...........1:00-4:00....Free POOL TIME for Institute Families at Asbury Pool.

...........1:00-5:00....Hoag Art Series at Hoag Museum; oil and water colors.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Silver Lake Directories 

      Directories are $20, they come with $100 in discounts for local merchants. Jill Knitter is your SLI contact person: Text or call Jill at 493-4063 or stop by at 3870 Thompson (corner of Thompson & Hedding) to pick up your directories.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Editorial: Experience Silver Lake

The “Chautauqua experience” arose out of a longing for arts, culture and education among rural residents in the U.S. in the late 1800s. The first Chautauqua, from which the movement took its name, was founded in 1874 and still exists, but many of the “daughter” Chautauquas declined as people acquired access to automobile transportation, radio and television.
It is interesting, then, that in an age of smartphones and computers, a mini-Chautauqua at Silver Lake should hold so much appeal, but the Aug. 13-16 “Silver Lake Experience” certainly does.

The four-day collection of arts, cottage crafts, lectures, music and non-denominational religious services is the result of a partnership between the Silver Lake Institute and the Asbury Camp and Retreat Center at Silver Lake. Two years of planning have gone into preparing the Silver Lake Experience, and its many sponsors have helped keep it affordable.

While the programs are impressive and sure to be popular, the history of the grounds is worth the visit alone. The Silver Lake Institute was founded in 1872 — two years before the famed Chautauqua — as a Methodist religious campground. Chartered by the New York State Legislature as Silver Lake Assembly, it later changed its name to Silver Lake Institute. 

The community takes up several acres on the eastern shore of Silver Lake and is home to 150 residences and three community buildings in a Victorian village setting. During summers, a variety of music and cultural programs are offered, many of them at Epworth Hall, which has undergone extensive repair and restoration and seats 1,000. Silver Lake Institute is managed by an 18-member Board of Trustees.

Asbury Camp and Retreat Center offers facilities year round where churches, organizations and nonprofits can conduct meetings and workshops for one day or several days.

“This is our very first endeavor,” Silver Lake Experience Chairwoman Kathy Schaefer said. “This is the most we’ve ever collaborated with each other. It’s a very diverse collection of workshops, from spiritual to crafts, art workshops, historical presentations, golf, kayaking, theatrical. You name it and we could give an example of something that speaks to it.”

Wyoming County has earned a reputation for its important dairy business. Increasingly, it is now also earning a reputation for arts and culture. Silver Lake is home base for the “Shake on the Lake” theater festival, headed for its third season. Work is  under way to develop trails that would connect Silver Lake, Letchworth Park and the village of Perry. 

When Lisa Robb, executive director of the State Council on the Arts, visited the county in May, she liked what she saw. “This is a county that gets it,” she said. “This is a county that gets that arts culture heritage can be part of a comprehensive, community economic development program.”

If people were looking to relieve rural isolation in the 1800s, perhaps today they are looking to relieve another kind of isolation. Electronic connections are everywhere, but human beings still need and want to interact with other human beings. There’s nothing like listening to a live concert or watching a theatrical performance or discussing politics or religion with others. The Silver Lake Experience offers all those and more. Kudos are due those who have done the hard work to make this event possible.

There are -4- ways to Register for the
Silver Lake Experience:

1 - By mail - send a registration form (available at the Perry Farmers Market or at the Saturday Morning Cafe) to Asbury Camp & Retreat Center, PO Box 218, Silver Lake, NY 14549
2 - By phone - call (585) 237-5262
3 - Online - go to www.silverlakeexperience.org
4 - In person - Asbury Camp Office on the Lake side of Wilmott Lodge (signs will point you to the way from the Perry Ave. and Chapman Ave. intersection) - 9:00 AM - 3 PM Monday - Friday.

(The "Asbury Camp Driveway" used to be a continuation of Ames / Perry Avenues known also as Palestine Ave. BTW, 16 Lakeside Ave. is no longer used for offices no matter what your electronic locator says ;-) ).