Registrations Due July 1, 2015

Temperature at NE Side of Lake -- 50 F -- 6:38 pm EDT on Saturday. (Pics taken at 6:33; Times Above are EST.)
Click Pics above for Live Lake Cams (Use "guest" as User Name and "12345" as Password)

Notice - 4-21-15 - SLI Property Taxes

The SLI Property Tax Bills for 2015 were mailed to all SLI property owners on the first weekend of this month (April). If you have not received your tax bill by now, please email me at or telephone the office at 585-237-6639 during office hours (Tues., Thurs. & Sat. 12 Noon to 2:00 pm) or leave a message. Please be sure I have your latest address, phone number, and email in case I need to reach you.

Notice - 4/21/15 - Charlie, Dorothy, Clarence, Now Home

CHARLEY NONNENBERG: Charley had his cancerous prostate removed March 17th. Charley is doing wonderful!! He is home and on his own. Prayers from around the world were obviously heard!

DOROTHY CLARK: Dorothy went from the hospital in Warsaw to East Side Nursing because she had fallen late in the afternoon (appx 3-1-15) at the Warsaw Government Center and had a crack in her knee cap. She returned home this past week after 8 weeks of recovery.

CLARENCE CLARK: Clarence had fallen and injured his leg prior to Dorothy's fall and was in rehab in LeRoy, I believe, until Dorothy was placed in East Side at which time he was moved to East Side and placed on the same floor. They both returned home the same day.

Notice - 4/18/15 - Deaths & Memorials

HAVE BEEN MOVED TO THEIR APPROPRIATE LOCATION -- Go To: Site Map, then to History, then to Memorials.

Notice - 4/14/15 - Dog Ownership

Dogs must be under the owner's control even on one's own property. Dogs must be duly licensed in accordance with NYS law. Dogs must be leashed when walked from one's own property. Dog droppings must be immediately removed and properly discarded by the dog owner and/or dog walker. (SLI Handbook, p. 9, para. 2.5.0, green edition).

Notice - 4-2-15 - Town Tax Error

Some residents on the Silver Lake Institute Grounds will find that they have been charged a Refuse & Recycling Fee in their Castile Property Taxes which is an error. Institute residents do not have to pay Castile for Refuse & Recycling since the Institute does its own Pick Up of Trash paid for through Garbage Stickers. If you have already paid this fee, contact Tina at the Town of Castile Assessors Office and she will file the necessary paperwork to process your refund--585-356-2150.

Notice - 3/20/15 - County Tax Forums

Wyoming County Supervisors have set meeting times for Public Forums on taxes. Castile's meeting is set for 11 AM, Saturday, May 30th at the Castile Community Center on Route 39. -- PLEASE notify all fellow Silver Lake residents of this meeting! (Memorial Day is May 25 this year.)

Notice - 3/19/15 - Calendar of Events

Suzanne Bristow has been appointed the new Events Coordinator. All scheduling and use of buildings must be done through her:

Notice - 3/14/15 - Stoody Update

Stoody Hall now has the new exhaust vent over the stove. It is a Class 2 (for warming purposes, not cooking). The work passed the County inspection on Wednesday. It should also be helpful in cooling down inside air once a window is opened on the Lake side of the building and the fan turned on.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Click on Announcement Above to Enlarge for Easier Reading.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Monday, February 2, 2015

For Sale
Charming 3/2 year around, lake view cottage at Silver Lake,

Remodeled interior with classic 1876 exterior. Nice size deck for entertaining along with 2nd flr. Deck off bedroom. Two car garage with attic for storage. Laundry room. All appliances included & furniture is negotiable. Central air and furnace less than 5 yr old, newer tankless h/w heater. Kitchen has tile counters and spactious wood cabinets with tongue&groove wood ceiling & skylight. New hardwood and carpet. For more information the Mls number is B467269

Paula Stratton -- 321-508-7686

Saturday, January 24, 2015

New SLI Clerk/Tax Collector

The Rev. Greg Franklin will become the Silver Lake Institute's Clerk & Tax Collector beginning on February 1, 2015. Greg will be relinquishing his appointed position of Assistant Treasurer on Jan. 31st, but will be continuing in the appointed position of Chaplain.

Although the current Bookkeeper position is being replaced by the accounting firm of Schmidt & Volk, also on Feb. 1, 2015, community residents of the Institute will not be dealing with Schmidt & Volk. Residents should continue to come to the Office (corner of Wesley and Janes Avenues behind the Post Office) for all Institute business and financial concerns. 

The new Clerk position includes being responsible for receiving all Institute money coming in, recording it, and depositing it, and all bills and charges to be paid and recording the receipt of it before emailing or faxing it to the accountants. Garbage Stickers will also continue to be through the office Mondays from 3 to 5 pm with Dan Dake.

"I plan to be in the office from 12Noon to 2:00 on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. These are the minimum times but there will be other times you may find me there doing some of my Chaplain work.

"I look forward to meeting and greeting you in the Institute Office!" (Greg)

Monday, November 24, 2014

President of SLI Thanks
the Town of Castile Board

The Silver Lake Institute
Post Office Box 20
Silver Lake, New York 14549

November 20, 2014

The Town of Castile Board
Stephen Tarbell, Supervisor
Re: Fire Protection Contract
I am writing to thank each of you for renewing the Fire Protection Contract with the Village of Perry. I appreciated the opportunity to address your Board with our concerns.
I was impressed with the meeting's schedule and conduct, with the reasonableness of the discussion, and the courtesy exhibited by all.
We are grateful for your consideration of our regard at the Silver Lake Institute and surrounding areas. We continue to be mindful of the public safety challenges you confront.
Happy Thanksgiving
President, S.L. Institute

Late Monday Afternoon, Nov. 24th

Evidence of rain can be seen by the big drop of water on camera lense #1 in the lower center.

46F at 9:15 p.m. Monday

Late Monday Morning, Nov. 24th

64F at 1:20 p.m.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday, Nov. 23, 2014

Sunday, Later Afternoon, Shot 1

Shot 2 -- See the sunbeam reflected in the water? Do you wonder where that beam shot to?
Over the Hope Street Cemetery and right through my Dining Room Window in Perry.

Shot 3

Shot 4

Shot 5

Shot 6
Temp hit 50F and has been 
there most of the evening.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Dependable 1 Touch Lake Viewing is Not Yet Realized, but We're Offering You What We Do Have Now

The SLI Lake Cam Project is totally volunteer and of no cost to the Institute. Still, our goal has been to provide residents and non-residents with two quality live action ("real time") views of the Lake from the Institute grounds. We have the basics in place and working. What we do not have in place yet is a dependable and easy push-button contact with the cameras. Streaming HD quality is quite complex, particularly with so many brands of computers, operating systems, web browsers, and mobile units available--but we are determined to make this happen. 

For those of you who need the easy push-button method of getting to view the cams, you will have to wait a little longer (except for the still shots we continue to post here). 

For those of you who are more adventuresome toward challenges and electronics, we are going to provide for you what we have already learned and what is working for us. We could actually use your help if you would be willing to follow the provided instructions for getting to view the cams (Site Map Item #2), and then let us know how you made out and at what point it either worked or failed and what you were using (Windows, MAC, iPhone, and what Web Browser). 

We are going to be posting regular updates of things learned and developed. We would also appreciate if you would use the comment button below for telling us about what is happening in your own experimenting. You may raise questions or concerns in the comment section also and others will be able to follow our conversations. We are providing this information with one click of Item #2 in the Site Map (Menu) found in the right-hand column.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Castile Accepts Latest PFD Offer and Votes in Favor of 5-10-15 Contract; Fire Response Time Remains in Tact

The Silver Lake Institute will Continue to
Receive Fire Response from the PFD

There was a good attendance at the Castile Town Board meeting last night as a number of presenters from the community reminded Castile leaders about the seriousness and dangers of not having immediate fire response to an emergency. In the end, through Executive Session, the Board agreed to accept the contract terms being offered by the Perry Fire Department (PFD) which provides for continuing fire response services to the outlying areas of the Town of Castile which the PFD has been doing for a number of years.  

The first year of the contract has been lowered to $5,000; the second year of the contract remains at the current rate of $10,000; and the third year of the contract will hike to $15,000. This revised contract allows more time for the Town Board to prepare over a 3 year period. Residents present which included members of the Silver Lake Institute, appeared pleased and are grateful to the Town of Castile. Pete and Linda Mairs had driven to Castile from Buffalo specifically to address the Castile leadership. They then returned to Buffalo with thanks from their fellow Institute neighbors.

The streets which will continue to receive fire response service from the Perry Fire Department are:



1. Pete Mairs

2. Don Weaver

Friday, November 7, 2014

"The Silver Lake Experience"
August 13-16, 2015
Moves into Early Publicity Phase

The Silver Lake Experience is a four-day summer event designed by members of the Silver Lake Institute and Asbury Camp and Retreat Center to bring cultural, educational and spiritual opportunities through workshops, presentations and performances.

Participants will be able to learn and enjoy various aspects of art, music, theater, literature, spirituality, culinary arts, antiques, cottage crafts, nature and history. Target participants are year-round and seasonal Silver Lake/Perry residents (and their friends and families), as well as those who live and work in our marketing area, including Wyoming, Livingston, Genesee, Erie and Monroe Counties in Western New York State.


Those who wish simply to make taxdeductible contributions will be recognized as “Friends of the Silver Lake Experience” in the program.

Loren Penman - (585) 409-6931
Nancy Wilson -  (585) 493-7066

Friday, October 24, 2014

No More Costly Breakdowns; Trustees Authorized New Truck; Executive Got it; Delivery Tuesday

After putting off the replacement of the mainten-ance truck for several years, the Board decided it didn't want to chance another winter like last year's with a truck held together by maintenance patches and rigs. Vehicle replacement had been held up by the need to replace the roofs on Hoag Art Museum, Stoody Hall, and the office-and-maintenance building.
The Trustee Board heard preliminary work which had been done for a truck, and authorized the Executive to purchase a new truck. The Executive found a deal they believe couldn't be refused and moved ahead on the project, as authorized. In doing so, our winter snow plowing and garbage pickup looks a little more secured than before. Delivery is anticipated to take place next Tuesday, October 28th.
Our sincere appreciation is extended to Groundsman Danny Dake for working so hard to keep the old "buggy" running for so long. (Needless to say, my inserted photos are not actual photos of our trucks, but are stock photos.)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Still Waiting on that part for
the router to get the two
new cams connectable

Friday Afternoon, Oct. 24 at 54 degrees;
Last Week's Cam Shots can be found
on Menu Tab (Current: Lake Cams)

Update: Part has arrived.

SLI CAM 2 - Friday - 10/24/14 - 4:18 pm

 SLI CAM 1 - Friday - 10/24/14 - 4:21 pm

We have indeed made contact from the two new cameras located on Lakeview Avenue in the Silver Lake Institute to the company that receives the signals and processes them through their servers. The volunteer SLI Administrators for the operation have been working very diligently with company representatives to get these new, quality photos and streaming "staged" at our SLI web site so it can be reached with no extra steps by viewers.

As of today, there are still extra steps required because of this company's RTSP (internet protocol) which normally operates independently of the openly-accessible web. There needs to be some type of converter from RTSP to HTTP (standard web protocol). A company representative is planning to install such a unit onto the current router on Lakeview this Monday, Oct. 20th. There will need to be some testing to be sure the system is operational for all standard broswers. 

When installation and testing are complete, viewers should be able to receive HD quality single photos with slight movement in them. That slight movement means that the system is trying to play crystal clear, HD quality streaming (as opposed to single photos) but the current equipment is not quite powerful enough. The option will be available to downgrade the HD high quality (underpowered) to a lesser quality which will enable the Lake to be viewed in full movement which is handy if one is trying to predict the speed of the changing weather patterns by cloud movement and the affect on wind on movable objects.

From the Silver Lake Marina:

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Submitted by William Hecht

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Pete Mairs Gavels 'The End' to 2014 Season as Beautiful Closing Service Concludes at Historic Epworth Hall

The Rev. Don Vogel, Spoke on "Remember God!"
The Rev. Greg Franklin, Chaplain, Led Worship as Liturgist
Everyone remained for delicious refreshments including Hot Dogs
"Rainy Day" Alternative was Successful

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Friday, August 8, 2014

Big Season Closing Concert 2014 Features Garrison Starr, Jay Nash
August 29, 8:00 pm, at Epworth Hall

PRE-SALE TICKETS $10; or 585-201-8066
At the Door Tickets $15

>>>>>    <<<<<

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Silver Lake Institute Reunion 2014
Considered a Smashing Success

Schedule Of Events

Friday, August 8

         Dancing on the Dock 7-10pm -- Free to all
Saturday, August 9
         Saturday Cafe 8-10am -- Stoody Hall -- Free to all
         Picnic Lunch 12:30-2pm -- Stoody Hall -- registration needed          
An Evening of Laughter & Music -- 7:30-8:30pm
                    Epworth Hall – free to all

         Bonfire – 9-10pm -- Lakefront -- Free to all
         Other Saturday Activities
            Self-guided walking tour -- Perry Farmer's Market 
            "The Ugly Duckling" Puppet Show -10 am and 12

                   Epworth – $10 to Shake on the Lake                                            
Open Swim – 2-3 pm -- Asbury Pool
            Letchworth State Park
            Wyoming County Fair
            The Charcoal Coral

Sunday, August 10
         Memorial Service 10:30am -- Epworth       
         Farewell Social Hour – immediately following the Service

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Annual Trustees Election of Officers Was Saturday, August 2, 2014:

President, Pete Mairs; Vice President, Bill Schaefer;
Secretary, Lance Seeber; Roger Covell, Treasurer

Reunion Weekend:
This Friday through Sunday