Friday, October 2, 2015

SLI Board Meeting Saturday, Oct. 3,
10:00 a.m. at Hoag Meeting Room

Board Members and Visitors Found themselves
Walking to Hoag Meeting Room in 38 degrees F

Silver Lake residents were told at today's monthly Board meeting that RGE will be replacing old gas lines in sections of the Institute this year. RGE was present at the meeting and, in addition to their prepared report, made themselves available for questions and answers. This process took 45 minutes. RGE was first pushing to have the work done in July and August, but a number of our residents explained what the SLI calendar was like and it seemed like RGE was going to give consideration to begin work as soon as the hard part of the winter was over in the early Spring. 

To a question about putting the replacement work "off" for several years was met with an RGE explanation that some of the "pipes" in the Institute were so old they were made out of wood and really needed immediate attention. A few of our Genesee Ave. residents knew some of this priority from last winter's RGE work on Genesee near the intersection of Perry Ave. and how much difficulty there was in locating the whereabouts of the smell of gas.

Ironically, Ames Avenue, one of our well known older streets had their gas lines upgraded in the 1980s and would therefore not be affected by this particular gas pipe replacement event except for an increase in gas pressure and the related pressure testing that goes with that including the gas needing to be shut off in each cottage down the line until the pressure tests are successfully completed. The evidence of RGE's 1980s work can be seen as the patch on Ames Avenue crosses over Haven Avenue where it can be observed.

It was also reported at today's meeting that the old "tri-fold" advertisement sheet containing all our summer programs is being transformed into a one-sheet standard calendar with July on the front and August on the back. It is felt this will be so much easier to follow than the old, "non-calendarized" form of the past. Each event can be observed on the actual calendar day of the month with its times in the same calendar block. Watch for it in the mail when it is first delivered with the annual tax bills. This year's Shake on the Lake dramas will not be held in competition with any other event in the Institute, but rather will receive it's own individual nights where people can catch a performance without missing an equally desirable event.

This year, committee chairs and others who collect money and turn in bills on behalf of the Institute, will be asked to list their assigned Income Account number and Expense Account number when turning in cash, bills, or requests for reimbursements. Beginning in 2016, Schmidt & Volk will be doing the three (3) Institute mailings--the February Marina Lease mailing, the April franchise ("property") tax mailing, and the July Waterfront Lease mailing. Payments will now be sent in directly to Schmidt & Volk by all franchise ("tax") payers. We anticipate a much smoother operation as this will now be done under one roof begining January 1st.

"The responsibilities of the new Office Clerk, when hired, will so much more manageable," said former Clerk & Tax Collector Greg Franklin. "This year's experiment with the change-over to Schmidt & Volk, fell short of the hoped for expectations. We accidentally wound up with too many "chiefs," with too many requests, and only one "indian" dancing to a drum beat that gradually got faster and faster. I am indeed happy to see this brought back under control for the upcoming new year," said the former clerk.

Please Note -- These are not Official Board Minutes.
This is simply a Blog News Report. The Official Minutes can be found in our 
"Publications" Section when it is made available to us as were last month's Minutes.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Sunday Evening Ending Weekend
59 degrees F; 40% Chance Rain tonight & tomorrow

Saturday Evening after the Cook-Off
62 degrees F

First Fall Cook Off at Stoody
is Smashingly Delicious Success!

Closeup of new Stoody Stairs and Hand Rails

Stoody Porch Pumpkin Carving

Left to Right -- Linda Mairs, Tina Turner, Mike Turner, Lauren Penmen, Pete Mairs, Greg Franklin

A Fall View of Stoody with brand-new stairs and hand rails. (Thanks, Wegjens!)

Thanks to the Frank Family and the Wyoming County Arts Council
who sponsored our First Fall Cook-Off which was exceptional!

Hope to See You in Stoody Hall Today for the Late Summer Pot-Luck Special!

See the Big Ad Below

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Lisa Schiske Announces Newest Silver Laker . . .

Meet my grandson Ryder Ignatious Radesi.  He was born last night and weighs 8.8 lbs and is 21 inches long! 
Congratulations and Best Wishes!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tuesday's Post-Sunset Scene

Both cam views are shown above at 7:05 p.m. on Tuesday evening, 9-22-15.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Work Continues on the Upgrade of the Lake Cams

The Moon dances in its own reflection on the cool, crisp Sunday evening of 45 degrees in anticipation of the sunny, 67 degree Monday.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Greg VanDussen, Retired Methodist District Superintendent and Pastor will be the Kick-Off Preacher for SLI's 2016 Season on July 3

(The Rev. Dr.) D. Gregory VanDussen


The Silver Lake Institute would like to thank Frederick Schuknecht For his 10 years of service coordinating the Hoag Arts Program each year during the summer season. Fred did an outstanding job bringing talented artists to the Hoag Memorial Art Gallery for shows and sales. He will continue to dabble in his arts project and will remain actively involved on the Silver Lake Experience Committee. Hats off to you Frederick!!   [Submitted by K.Schaefer]

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tuesday's Edition of the Daily News--Sept. 15:

Posted: Tuesday, September 15, 2015 12:51 pm |Updated: 12:55 pm, Tue Sep 15, 2015.
SILVER LAKE — Guests from nine states and three-dozen towns added up to one successful Silver Lake Experience, organizers of the first-of-its-kind event said.

So successful, that a follow-up is being planned for 2017.
The 2015 Silver Lake Experience Planning Committee gathered for a final meeting on Sept. 5 to celebrate the success and to discuss plans for the future.
Co-chairs Kathy Schaefer and David Riddell said organizers’ goal was for 150 people to participate. In the end, a total of 176 individuals registered for all or part of the event, held Aug. 13-16 at the Silver Lake Institute.
It was a joint venture between the Institute and Asbury Camp and Retreat Center.
People came from nine states and three dozen towns in New York state. A number of visitors took advantage of overnight accommodations made available at Asbury.
Forty-seven unique sessions (with several repeated) were offered to registrants, with presenters from throughout Western New York and New York City, and from Connecticut and Pennsylvania.
Also available were unstructured leisure time activities, morning refreshments each day, an opening day luncheon, an art show and sale, and three special evening performances, including Buffalo’s Jazz Example, a theatrical production titled “He and She through the Ages,” and a sold-out concert with pop star Ddendyl.
Although Silver Lake Experience participants were guaranteed a seat at each of the evening events held at Epworth Hall, single tickets also were sold for those only able to commit to one night.
“While it’s difficult to determine a completely accurate, unduplicated count of the total number of people who participated in the Silver Lake Experience — presenters, volunteers, registrants and single-event guests — we estimate that over 400 individuals were a part of the four days,” Schaefer said.
“We couldn’t be more thrilled with the number of people we reached,” she said.
Even better, Riddell said, the evaluations completed both after individual sessions and at the conclusion of the event were overwhelmingly positive.
“Participants mentioned the high quality of the presentations, the attractive appearance of the buildings and grounds, and the friendliness and helpfulness of the volunteers,” Riddell said. “They appreciated the thoughtful touches, such as the consistent availability of water to drink, and the attention to detail around registration, scheduling and signage.”
Loren Penman, marketing co-chair, credited the 43 area individuals, businesses and organizations that sponsored the event.
In particular, early, “significant financial commitment” were made by the Arts Council for Wyoming County, Asbury Camp and Retreat Center, Charcoal Corral & Silver Lake Twin Drive-In, Glen Iris Inn, Silver Lake Institute, Silver Lake Marine and Upper New York Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church.
“Their encouragement was instrumental in our overall success,” Penman said.
She also thanked Daily News contributing editor Sharon Larsen, whose June 22 editorial — “Experience Silver Lake” — supported the event.
Finally, the committee praised a team effort by the sponsors, volunteers, presenters and participants who all contributed to the universally enthusiastic reviews and the requests to “do it again.”
And so at its last piece of business, the 2015 Silver Lake Experience Planning Committee reached consensus on a response to supporters: The second Silver Lake Experience is planned for Aug. 10-13, 2017.

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Mid-70s of Tuesday, gives way to low 80s of Wednesday through Saturday

Monday, September 14, 2015

South End of Lake on a Chilly Monday Morning

                     7:45 am - 9-14-15 - Marina - 49F                                        8:00 am - 9-14-15 - Marina - 50F

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Frederick Schuknecht Faithfully Gives of himself
To Make all Things Artisan, Even Better at SLI

The pictures are of our last day of the Silver Lake Artisan Group at the Hoag Art Gallery

"At every turn Frederick saw possibility and lifted us higher, applauded 
our journey and was a constant reinforcement - a witness to our growth as artisans. For this we are richer and most grateful ~ Thank you dear Frederick.

Photos and appreciation given by Inga Songbird

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Want to Know Who to Call?

Worship Committee
Don Weaver, Chair
Julie Hoffner, Fred & Esther Schunekindt, Joan & Ray Maddison, Suzanne Bristow, Greg Franklin

Julie Hoffner, Chair
Loren Penmen, Cindy Adams, Sharon Pratt

Pete Mairs, Chair
Greg Franklin, Bill Schaefer, Don Weaver

Craig Bateman, Chair
Dan Dake, Pete Mairs, Bill Schaefer, Brad Hennig

Ken Hennig, Chair
Jill Lapp Knitter, Mike Turner

Sharon Pratt, Chair
Julie Hoffner, Greg Franklin, John & Mara Rooney, Joan Maddison, Linda Mairs, J.R., Loren Penmen

Mike Turner, Chair
Linda Frank, Fred Schuekindt,  Bob Murphy, Sarah Clark, Suzanne Bristow

Lisa Schiske, Chair
Kathy Schaefer, Linda Mairs, Terry N.

Long-Range Planning
Bob Cook, Chair
Julie Hoffner, Kathy Schaefer, Nancy Seller, Diane Wetgen, Linda Mairs, Lisa Schiske, Don Weaver

I Welcome All Other Questions & Concerns 
including Budget and Paid Personnel
Call Bill Schaefer
585 737 8522

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Trustee Minutes for Sept. 6, 2015, Now Published

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Monday, August 31, 2015

Greg Resigns as SLI Clerk and Tax Collector
Following Recent Health Scares

Greg Franklin, SLI Chaplain, continues to fight his third strain of Staph infection and appears to be making some progress with it. Nevertheless, his two emergency trips to the hospital for possible strokes and one other ER visit for Panic and/or heart attack, have caused him to do some serious evaluating of his health and what he calls his "working-type lifestyle." Besides the Staph, he has been given a clean bill of health.

Karen Cook has Surgery
following Saturday Morning Fall

After Karen's fall outside of Stoody Hall--she and Bob were the hosts for that morning's cafe--she was transported to Wyoming County Hospital in Warsaw where she underwent surgery to repair her fractured hip.  She will be in the hospital approximately three days, and she will then be transferred to a rehab center near their home in Hamburg, NY. Cards may be sent to Karen Cook, 72 Meadow Run, Hamburg, NY 14075.