Registrations Due July 1, 2015

Temperature at NE Side of Lake -- 69 F -- 5:19 pm EDT on Sunday. (Times Above are EST.)

Notice - 4-21-15 - SLI Property Taxes

The SLI Property Tax Bills for 2015 were mailed to all SLI property owners on the first weekend of this month (April). If you have not received your tax bill by now, please email me at or telephone the office at 585-237-6639 during office hours (Tues., Thurs. & Sat. 12 Noon to 2:00 pm) or leave a message. Please be sure I have your latest address, phone number, and email in case I need to reach you.

Notice - 4/21/15 - Charlie, Dorothy, Clarence, Now Home

CHARLEY NONNENBERG: Charley had his cancerous prostate removed March 17th. Charley is doing wonderful!! He is home and on his own. Prayers from around the world were obviously heard!

DOROTHY CLARK: Dorothy went from the hospital in Warsaw to East Side Nursing because she had fallen late in the afternoon (appx 3-1-15) at the Warsaw Government Center and had a crack in her knee cap. She returned home late last week after 8 weeks of recovery.

CLARENCE CLARK: Clarence had fallen and injured his leg prior to Dorothy's fall and was in rehab in LeRoy, I believe, until Dorothy was placed in East Side at which time he was moved to East Side and placed on the same floor. They both returned home the same day.

Notice - 4/18/15 - Deaths & Memorials

HAVE BEEN MOVED TO THEIR APPROPRIATE SITE -- Go To: Site Map, then to History, then to Memorials.

Notice - 4/14/15 - Dog Ownership

Dogs must be under the owner's control even on one's own property. Dogs must be duly licensed in accordance with NYS law. Dogs must be leashed when walked from one's own property. Dog droppings must be immediately removed and properly discarded by the dog owner and/or dog walker. (SLI Handbook, p. 9, para. 2.5.0, green edition).

Notice - 4-2-15 - Town Tax Error

Some residents on the Silver Lake Institute Grounds will find that they have been charged a Refuse & Recycling Fee in their Castile Property Taxes which is an error. Institute residents do not have to pay Castile for Refuse & Recycling since the Institute does its own Pick Up of Trash paid for through Garbage Stickers. If you have already paid this fee, contact Tina at the Town of Castile Assessors Office and she will file the necessary paperwork to process your refund--585-356-2150.

Notice - 3/20/15 - County Tax Forums

Wyoming County Supervisors have set meeting times for Public Forums on taxes. Castile's meeting is set for 11 AM, Saturday, May 30th -- PLEASE notify all fellow Silver Lake residents of this meeting! (Memorial Day is May 25 this year; see detailed article below.)

Notice - 3/19/15 - Calendar of Events

Suzanne Bristow has been appointed the new Events Coordinator. All scheduling and use of buildings must be done through her:

Notice - 3/14/15 - Stoody Update

Stoody Hall now has the new exhaust vent over the stove. It is a Class 2 (for warming purposes, not cooking). The work passed the County inspection on Wednesday. It should also be helpful in cooling down inside air once a window is opened on the Lake side of the building and the fan turned on.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Would you like to wear a SLI Reunion
T-Shirt from now until the second
weekend in August this Season?

Loren Penman or 585-201-8066

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