Temperature at Northern Side of Lake -- 39.8 F -- 3-26-15 at 5:55 am EDT

Notice - 3/26/15 - Trustees Meeting

The Silver Lake Institute's Board of Trustees will conduct their first meeting of the 2015 Season on April 11th at 10:00 a.m. in the Institute Garage/Shop, corner Wesley at Janes Aves. Come dressed warmly in case the wood stove doesn't come up to temperature quickly.

Notice - 3/20/15 - County Tax Forums

Wyoming County Supervisors have set meeting times for Public Forums on taxes. Castile's meeting is set for 11 AM, Saturday, May 30th -- PLEASE notify all fellow Silver Lake residents of this meeting! They are probably hoping that Lake residents won't show up, since they have scheduled the meeting for Saturday morning of Memorial Day weekend. (See detailed article below.)

Notice - 3/19/15 - Calendar of Events

Suzanne Bristow has been appointed the new Events Coordinator. All scheduling and use of buildings must be done through her:

Notice - 3/18/15 - Charley Nonnenberg

Charley Nonnenberg had his cancerous prostate removed last week Wednesday. We heard Charley is doing wonderful!! Should be home by now! Prayers from around the world were obviously heard.

Notice - 3/18/15 - Dorothy Clark

Dorothy will not be able to put any weight her knee for at least another month. At present, Dorothy has a cold and the flu. Dorothy Clark went from the hospital in Warsaw to East Side Nursing. Dorothy fell late in the afternoon (appx 3-1-15) at the Warsaw Government Center and has a crack in her knee cap. She will be in rehabilitation at Eastside Nursing Center on Prospect Street in Warsaw for up to 8 weeks. Dorothy's spirits are very good but calls, cards, and visits would be very much appreciated. Dorothy's mailing address: P.O. Box 4, Silver Lake, NY 14549. Clarence has now been moved to the same Nursing Home and on the same floor.

Notice - 3/14/15 - Stoody Update

Stoody Hall now has the new exhaust vent over the stove. It is a Class 2 (for warming purposes, not cooking). The work passed the County inspection on Wednesday. It should also be helpful in cooling down inside air once a window is opened on the Lake side of the building and the fan turned on.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Our Spring 2014 Newsletter Is Here!

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(The Newsletter can always be found under "Publications" in right-hand column.) >>

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  1. Hard copies of this SLI Newsletter will be arriving in your mailboxes shortly! We are hoping to eventually email all future Newsletters to folks that are interested in receiving. We will have a few hard copies available at the Office, Hoag, Stoody, & Epworth or by request if you prefer. With the ever expanding costs of printing and mailing and of course thinking of preserving a tree or two by "Going Green", we would like to take advantage of services such as emailing and blogging in the near future. Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated!